Southern California IT Solutions Provider

Managed IT

All things technology for Small and Medium sized businesses

Hosted Infrastructure

Replace aging equipment with infrastructure owned and operated by SoCal Compute

Application Development

Streamline business processes with a custom written app

Our Services

Our services range from Business IT to Datacenter management and even Application Development

Hosted Infrastructure

Let our team of experts manage your business infrastructure in our secure and privately managed cloud platform. We can migrate any application from any platform, service, server, or other cloud service. We’ve invested in our enterprise hosting solution so you don’t have to. All hosted infrastructure is by standard highly available, powered by flash storage, and 10Gbps networking, all stored within our secure datacenter. All customer data, virtual networks, and firewalls are stored and separated from another and is encrypted at rest.

Remote Desktop Solution Provider

SoCal Compute offers highly available, highly scalable Remote Desktop Farms to power the users of our customers. Our process is to move your business onto our hosted infrastructure, file shares, applications, entire servers even and provide a modern environment for you and your users. Workstations turn into terminals used to remote into the new environment. Once the migration has finished, the old on-premise servers are retired. All support, software, licensing, hardware maintenance and life cycle are all included in your monthly subscription.

Managed IT Services

Need a new server installed, or workstation upgrade? We’ve got you covered. SoCal Compute covers all IT related business needs with our Managed IT service. We cover it all, from servers to network, from workstations to printers – We have the experience and the knowledge to advise you on the best path forward. Our Managed IT services include:

  • Enterprise WiFi Solutions
  • Email Solutions such as SoCal Hosted Exchange Email
  • Anti Virus Solutions
  • Server Management and Monitoring
  • Web Site Security and Deployment
  • Workstation and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Infrastructure planning and upgrades
  • Datacenter Management
  • and so much more!

Benefits of Hosted Infrastructure

The era of working from home is now, and with SoCal Compute - Your business is anywhere and everywhere you are.

Access your hosted Infrastructure from anywhere in the world using a secure and tunneled Remote Desktop Connection. Connecting is easy from any Windows, Linux or Mobile based device.

Your hosted infrastructure includes everything you need to do your work, whether it be Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. We go over each and every application during our white-glove migration process,

SoCal Compute hosted infrastructure removes the need to keep your servers onsite. We migrate your company data, and applications onto our infrastructure, and provide secure reliable access. No more server upgrades, and computer upgrades become extremely cheap as the processing is done on the hosted infrastructure and not on the local device.

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